Love Letter for L on the way home

I don’t expect you to appreciate me now. But I do think you should, or would like to appreciate the way I appreciate you, adore you and admire you. I myself am nothing else but a loser,I mean, you know that better than I do. Being confident or not just doesn’t change the situation, and the fact. But my love is twinkling for you. It burns me out and exhausted all the treasure I held. I never thought it would last too long, nevertheless, it does, in some kind of degree.

I call you L for Lucifer. You know that I’m a snake, the soul of Satan. I guess that’s the reason why I love you so much. Maybe I just stay by your side , eager to reach for you,  grip you. It hurts, sadly it’s the only way I learn to express myself. Deadly hunger for your blood may I be killed at this very moment so that your smell, your taste, your body, your figure, your smile your beauty the lines on your skin,will be locked in my body for eternity. Losing my human body give me the chance to love you as a pure demon. That’s my dream for instance babe, nothing lasts forever without death. I promise you, it would be changed the next second.

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