I don’t need to look back that much. You are the origin of the current me. I consist of you, made up by you, stem from you, formed inside you. When I look at the world, I see all the truth beside with you; When I listen to the music, I hear all the beauty praising for you; When I reach for the warmth, I feel all the feather-soft tender just as you’d given me; When I falling in sleep,I dreamt all my  dream filled with your smile and your comfort.

So when you left.

I pierced my eyes with the sincerest promises; I deafend my ears with the holiest curses; I burnt all my fingers with the blackest ice; I buried my dreams with the sweetest shit. Walk without own mind, live just like dead, waiting, starring, sinking, moaning, but I just can’t cry with all my tears taken by you. It’s all about you. My life is all about you, before this me totally dies.

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